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 Rideau Lakes Bassmasters

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Sat. 8/29 7:00 AM Upper Rideau Launch anywhere you can!!! Blast off/Weigh in at government docks at Lock... no parking at the lock location. There is a public launch at the end of Forresters landing rd and in the village of Westport. Do your best guys as there is limit... more
Sat. 9/5 7:00 AM St Lawrence

Grass creek park

Sat. 9/19 8:00 AM Singleton Lake

Singleton Lake campground

Please do your best to be very quiet at launch time in respect for the campers sleeping!!!!

Sat. 10/3 8:00 AM Sydenham Lake

Public launch village of sydenham behind football field

Sun. 10/4 8:00 AM Newboro Lake

Members event - out of the village of Newboro

Sat. 10/10 8:00 AM Charleston Lake

Village of Outlet ramp

Sat. 6/25 7:00 AM Bay of Quinte

Deseronto Centennial Park Boat Launch

Sat. 7/2 7:00 AM Sharbot Lake

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park Boat Launch

Sat. 7/23 7:00 AM Newboro Lake

Newboro Village Boat Launch

Sun. 8/14 7:00 AM Big Rideau Lake

Portland Boat Launch (Len's Cove)

Sat. 8/27 7:00 AM Loughborough Lake

Division Street Boat Launch

Sat. 9/10 8:00 AM St. Lawrence River

Treasure Island Marina boat launch

1753 Hwy 2 Kingston

Sat. 9/24 8:00 AM Upper Rideau - Dash for Cash

Government Docks by locks to Big Rideau

Sat. 10/1 8:00 AM Sydenham

Sydenham Boat Launch

Sat. 10/15 8:00 AM Charleston Lake

Outlet Village Boat Launch

Sun. 10/16 8:00 AM Lower Beverly Lake

Lyndhurst Public Boat Launch

Sat. 10/29 8:00 AM Weather Permitting

Lake to be determined - (Dog, Sydenham, ??)

Sat. 6/24 7:00 AM Singleton/Gan/Redhorse Lakes Opening Tourney for 2017 Season
Sat. 7/8 7:00 AM Charleston Lake
Sat. 7/22 7:00 AM St. Lawrence River
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