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Alex Combe
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Hey guys, any help would work. When tromping on it or when cruising wot the boat seems to drop a cylinder. You can almost time it. If you're full throttle, it drops down, u ease back off the throttle it will "kick" in at about 2800 rpn. The carbs are clean, bad fuel drained, new 91 put in it, anti siphon valve good. Lost... Can't hook up to a computer, its a 2010 3 cyl, 3 carb merc. I'm pretty sure it's electrical. Anyone know any tests or anything I can perform on it?
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Derek Elmer
Site Owner
Posts: 38

Alex,  any luck figuring out the problem?   I am not familiar with the mercs but possibly it could be the throttle position sensor?   Have a look at the throttle plates in the throat of the carbs and make sure nothing has come loose?  Is there a seperate coil for each cylinder?  Take the hood off when cruising and listen for any snap sound that could be a plug wire breaking down,   I had to change one on a 50hp merc that was doing exactly what you describe.  It was arching through the boot to the head.    Hope all of this does matter because you got it running properly?


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