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Derek Elmer
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Just a reminder that the Beverly tournament will be held at the ramp in Lyndhurst by the stone bridge at 8am weigh in at 4.  There is a lot of interest by non club members wanting to enter the event.  As long as the non member has not fished another team event this season already and EACH non member in a team pays the club an extra $20 on top of the regular team entry fee ($140 total for two non members) we will allow them to fish.    The weather looks a little breezy but sunny and somewhat warm for October so it should be a nice day to be out!   See you all there.


Thanks to Impact Battery Kingston and Smartbaits for their support!

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Dennis Lees
Posts: 2

Hey Derek, you may want to double check with Mark concerning the non members who want to fish.  I hadn't fished a team event yet this year and I had to pay the membership fee to fish last weekend.  I'm sure there'd be a few ticked off people if they drove to Lyndhurst to find out the entry was going to cost them an extra $100.

Just a thought....

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mark s
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Dennis the walk on feature that we have is allowed once so you can see what the club is all about and if you would would like you join the club after the tournament we welcome you.....when you have fished the one time allotment of fishing a tournament then you have to join the the club to be able to fish any more events.......this is only fair to the members that pay a membership and that fish the events and participate in the club events.    You your self fished a event last year ....... Your next tournament you fish you have to become a member......as we stated to you.....  people where starting to abuse this feature   Which was starting to cause some paying members that support the club a little upset......    

Most people that have chosen the one time walk on have gone on to join the club and participated in more than one event  and enjoy them selfs.... Which I am guessing you did as you came back to fish another club event.....so why would you not join ??   

If you where upset with this mater you could have talked to me at the tournament face to face and we could have resolved the issue there.....if you would like to get your money back I will reimburse you your cost of the tournament fees .....at which time you will have to return any tournament winnings that you collected......

I look forward yo hearing from you......


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